Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Latest about Online Money Transfers

The convenience and accessibility of today's technology chiefly with regards to online banking and e-commerce has made life easy. But have you heard the most recent news about a new banking computer system? Imagine money transfers in just two hours. Yes, you have certainly read that aloud right.

Transferring funds from accounts will only take two hours rather than the two days it normally takes.

Paying bills or moving money between different banks and accounts on the same day has never been such a breeze.

This is brought by Faster Payments Service that will cover 5% of payments only. Supposedly, it was due to go live at the end of last year but was delayed by testing. As complex and huge this project may sound, it was finally tested in a live environment. The Faster Payments Service at launch will be offered by seven banks including Barclays and HSBC.

People with PayPal accounts can send money through Skype is now an option. Otherwise, if the price for this service is costly it would not be easily patronized since it would not cost much to withdraw from an ATM.
But if you want to use an online payment processor or e-currency transfer that has various modes of payment and you can send a very large amount through ACH and EFT, try U-GotCash!

Friday, May 30, 2008

No Harm In Trying

In these trying times, we need options worth the service we are paying for. Online shoppers are much like scavengers searching for frugal means to buy online.

Entrepreneurs and merchants dream of having it too. Exploring the World Wide Web may drown you with information overload and the capitalism it has created. But the commonality underlying between online shopping and the e-sellers or e-retailers providing it is about the payment.

Thus, the birth of e-payment came in. Convenience, security, compliancy to laws and ease of use in the lowest price are deciding factors for choosing the paramount online payment processor.

Why not try out something new that could offer you a lot of ways to save more?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Get $25 Instantly Just by Opening A Free Account at U-GotCash

What you should do to get $25?

Go to, open a FREE account, become verified and receive $25 instantly to spend in online shopping by using a UGC account., Inc, the newest and only true international e-currency system in the marketplace was recently launched.

International accounts with credit cards will be funded by UGC soon with their own offshore private label Debit Card.

Fund an account at UGC

Fast, Sure and Always on time

Plus receive funds through ACH/EFT Internationally

Through UGC's independent banking network all over the world, they can:

- cash offshore workers' paychecks globally- fund e-currency accounts with ACH/EFT
- provide merchants instant payments

Use your UGC account, tell it to others and EARN MONEY!

Merchant's Dream

- No fees for internal account transactions from one UGC account to another
- Get paid instantly for each purchase at your web site
- Various funding methods you will find easy to use
- New UGC API Business Wizard Simply and COnveniently introduces U-GotCash as your Merchant Provider

Thursday, March 6, 2008


You are in your mid life. Not an adoloscent nor a young adult anymore. Goodbye to parties, night life and exploring the world like a mad dog.

You are all tangled and enmeshed with the great responsibility of married life, starting your own family and a promising career in sales.

A few years passed. You focus more in accumulating riches and wealth in your worldly profession. You forgot your family and your valued relationships among your friends, peers and family. You are trapped in the webs of your whirlwind success in marketing and sales. And when everything seems like going well, you find yourself in a downfall.

Only then do you realize that you are in debt with too much impulsive purchases from your various credit cards.

"How am I going to pay all these bills," you ask yourself.
Then, you come across a certain ad in the web.

"Sign up for free and get $25!
I know this sounds like a "bunch of bull"...

But I recently found out about a BRAND NEW Online Payment Processor that will give us $25 just to sign up... PLUS $10for anyone who signs up from an invitation that we send out.

It's actually FR*EE Money and there's NO offers to do and NO credit card needed.

This new company is in pre-launch... so this is happening by Invitation ONLY.
If you would like for me to send you an invitation...
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Well, sounds inviting!

Check it out. It's really true!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Enlighten Your Heart for Better Years to Come

Scented candles are mostly made to calm our mind and relax our senses. It gives off a pleasant aroma when burning. There are also many usages of candles and interpretation of its use in different eras. In China during the Sung Dynasty, they use candles to know the time, they called this candle – clock. In the Philippines, they use candles in one of their Folk Dance. Candles are mostly used also in different religions. They use it for meditative purposes and the candle symbolizes the presence of God in their ceremony, they also lit candles for the start of festivals, traditions and celebrations, and some use it to create ambiance and d├ęcor their home. And mostly people use it when they run out of electricity. To make the long story short, candles is a common source of lighting. There could be so many concepts and interpretations formed of a picturesque candle that is lit up but for me it’s all about an everlasting light that symbolizes peace and gives hope and unity for everyone and reminds us that “God is good all the time”.

A lit up candle can make us remember everything that has happened in the past be it bad or good. I do remember about the devastating 9/11 catastrophe in the United States, it was a big tragedy that was felt globally. Now I realized that life can be simply compared to a candle that as the wax slowly drops down and lose its beauty it can no longer provide an encompassing light and once the flame totally lose its light becomes useless or personally it could mean you lose grand chances, great opportunities and your own dear life.

As I surf the net everyday seeking for something that could enlighten my spirit, I saw this program that caught my attention and after reading through the process and legality of the said program it amazed me and what is so awesome all about this secure online payment is its access to different business opportunities that made me stop and think… am I the candle that loses its light suddenly or a candle that has the ability to enlighten everybody in the simplest way I can by simply informing them to look for something that could help them grow and make their life more meaningful and full of adventure.

Interested in the program I’m talking about? Just check this website and see what I have discovered or go through this site

Business Trends Today

Many people nowadays are getting into businesses. To start of, having a business is investing a capital. It is a requirement in putting up your own business. Some may do advertisements online—and since the market is through the online world wide webbing that would be a good point in your own business.

Some also may do their businesses online. That is the trend today—doing business online. Like in any other ventures many might just want to pilfer all your investments and leave you with nothing. This might scare all those aspiring business owners out there.

Do not have time to be wary of hackers and others that might hinder their way to your venture are signs that you are in the right business or company that you will trust your money with. Legality, quality of the product and service, its marketability – the distinct value and its purpose to the consumers at present that makes it incomparable with its contemporaries are the key determinants of choosing the right business or company.

There are many online businesses that offer you a secure, safe and stable opportunity to invest. Be wise. Business trends today, one must take in mind, are not here to leave you empty handed. They are here to help you to have a trendy business with no doubt of leaving you with nothing! Check out